Automobile Safety Technology

Automobile safety technology is a broad category of devices and projects that enhance vehicle safety. Some of the most well-known products of automobile safety technology include seat belts and airbags. Other advances include automatic emergency braking systems and driver-seat sensors. But what are some of the newest technologies? How do they benefit you? Read on to learn more about these innovations. After all, your safety is a top priority. But how do you ensure your safety on the road?

Some of the latest technologies are aimed at preventing crashes. For example, automatic emergency braking systems have experienced rapid growth over the past five years. This growth is due to improvements in sensor technology, which makes these systems easy to install in vehicles. Other preventive safety countermeasures, such as infrared cameras for nighttime pedestrian detection, will follow. But before you can take your car for a test drive, you should consider these new technologies.

Automakers have little to say about pedestrian and cyclist safety, but they have introduced some technology to improve the safety of all drivers. One example is a breathalyzer that tests the driver’s blood alcohol content, while another is an ignition interlock that forces the driver to breathe into a mouthpiece before starting the car. These innovations are still in their early stages, but they have made a difference in improving automobile safety. In the future, these technologies could even be commercialized.