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The AI Series has made a big leap with its latest update, which brings an all new General catalyst with it. This includes the new BurstIQ, Streamlit, and Doccla updates, which all improve performance. Moreover, you can expect more and more great updates with each update, so don’t miss out!

All Turtles

For the sake of simplicity, we’ll focus on Phil Libin’s All Turtles, a small scale Ai (Artificial Intelligence) initiative that aims to deliver some sort of “Terrifying” experience to its occupants. The brainchild of Evernote founder Phil Libin and his partner, former Cisco chief technology officer Jon Cifuentes, All Turtles will be a small scale, multi-disciplinary incubator with three locations. In an interview with BusinessWeek, Libin says his goal is to make a splash in Silicon Valley by leveraging the best of both worlds. Specifically, he’s looking to bring together a team of top notch experts in the fields of AI, product design, engineering, and marketing.


Streamlit is a San Francisco, California-based startup that creates machine learning applications. It’s open source, and it’s aimed at developers and data scientists who need a new way to build applications. Currently, tens of thousands of apps have been built on Streamlit, and the company has a commercial offering.

Founded by former GoogleX and Zoox engineers, Streamlit has developed a popular open-source project for building data-rich applications. In October 2018, the company announced version 1.0 of its commercial offering. The product, called Streamlit for Teams, takes care of a variety of tasks, from securing connections to data sources to scaling. A recent beta test has enrolled over 700 companies.

Now, Streamlit has raised $35 million in Series B funding, led by Sequoia, with GGV Capital and Gradient Ventures participating. They’re also working on a commercial cloud service.


BurstIQ is a leading provider of blockchain-enabled data solutions. It connects people, businesses, and researchers from across the world. The company uses machine intelligence to create new products and services for clients. They have built a secure data exchange network that builds multi-dimensional profiles of things and people. This secure data exchange network combines best-in-class security with multi-layered governance to ensure your information is safe.

BurstIQ has a full end-to-end blockchain enablement platform. This includes a private cloud. This allows agencies to host their applications and data on the cloud. By using this service, they can save money on operational expenses and time spent monitoring their systems.

BurstIQ has launched a 60-day free trial. With the free trial, users can get an overview of the technology, and engage intelligently with the program to get the most out of it.


A company called Doccla has gotten a big boost in funding. It recently secured a $3 million seed round led by Speedinvest and existing investors including VC firms like General Catalyst and Giant Ventures. The company’s smart rule engines help clinicians better understand their patients’ health status. With this technology, Doccla hopes to alleviate the pressure on hospitals.

Doccla is a health tech startup that uses wearable medical devices and artificial intelligence to give hospitals the data they need. They also provide smart rule engines that assist clinicians in giving the right care to the right patient at the right time. Their newest product, the Doccla, is designed to improve the outcomes of millions of people with chronic illnesses. In the past, these individuals would have to travel to see their physicians.