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One of the most exciting new television series to have hit the airwaves in recent months is the German-based 20m series, also known as the Xentral. While the concept is a bit unorthodox, it could have a major impact on the world’s technology community. The show is set to debut in Germany on January 23rd, and it could be the next step in the advancement of technology.


A new company called xentral has managed to get some serious buzz. Despite the company’s relatively diminutive size, it is backed by the likes of Sequoia Capital and its kin. Its product is a well-thought out ecommerce platform. The company’s offerings include a suite of services that cover the gamut of inventory management, order and fulfillment, logistics, and accounting. They are easy to set up and implement and boast an impressive track record of happy customers. In the last year alone, the firm has managed to land over 1,000 customers in Germany and beyond. To date, xentral has raised $20 million in Series A funding. Not bad for a young start-up whose main product is still in development. This is not to mention that the firm has 65 employees. On the heels of a major customer win, xentral is laying out plans to expand in the EU and beyond. Xentral has also managed to get in the lucky club, as it has recently signed a strategic partnership deal with the aforementioned Visionaries Club, the venture capital arm of the German government.


If you’re wondering why there is a lot of buzz around the new mobile payment startup Sum-up, you’re not alone. The company is a Square-style mobile card reader startup. It makes dongles that can turn your smartphone into a card reader. However, it’s much more than just a card reader.

Sum-up has a strategy to expand its business by acquiring more companies, but it also plans to build its own technology. Currently, the company offers a range of services, including invoicing, free business banking, and a payment gateway.

Sum-up’s founder was one of the co-founders of Moneybookers, which rebranded as Skill. He later left Moneybookers to form Sum-up, which aims to provide a mobile payment solution to small businesses.

Although the company has been known for apps that were wrapped around point-of-sale hardware, the company is now focusing on a wider range of business services. Its focus on bringing card payments to small and medium-sized businesses has helped the company grow worddocx.

german bionic

German Bionic, a company based in Augsburg, Germany, has raised $20 million in Series A funding for its cloud robotics platform. The company plans to use the funding to expand its product offerings and build out its technology.

German Bionic is an innovative company specializing in the design and manufacture of advanced robotics. The company’s products include a smart power suit, which uses a cloud-based software platform to provide real-time data for industrial users. It also features a remote maintenance system, which allows for over-the-air (OTA) software updates and remote maintenance.

The company’s products are designed to improve workers’ efficiency. Their Cray X robot is the world’s first “connected” exoskeleton for industrial use. This suit uses artificial intelligence to reinforce lifting movements, which ensures that workers do not overexert themselves and prevents errors. Moreover, it has been designed to reduce the risk of back disorders, and protects workers against bad calls.


At CES 2023, the Cray X powered exoskeleton was chosen as “Best of Innovation” in the Wearable Technologies category. Judges considered submissions based on their engineering, aesthetics, and innovation.