Gantry Crane Operation Safety Precautions

A gantry crane is a piece of equipment used in construction. Its operators must use the appropriate safety precautions to avoid accidents and injury. These safety precautions are outlined in this article to ensure that operators and cranes can function safely. When operating a gantry crane, the crane operator should never leave his post during the operation, and should take every possible precaution to ensure his safety. During a gantry crane operation, the driver must also be careful not to run into any obstacles, as this could lead to a mishap.

Before lifting heavy objects, the operator must make sure that the load is correctly positioned. The weight should be tied securely to the slings. A wooden mat with an acute angle is used to secure the heavy object. The operator must carefully monitor the speed of the crane when hoisting heavy objects, because sharp changes in speed can cause the load to sway. Also, a heavy object must not be dropped too quickly, or it can cause damage to the equipment. The maximum lifting weight must be 50 percent of the load’s capacity.

The gantry crane should be installed where there is ample room for operation. They should be positioned in areas that see a high volume of traffic. They should also be able to accommodate forklifts and carts. More elaborate gantry systems can also accommodate trucks. However, the support columns are a hindrance to workers moving throughout the facility. It is advisable to check for any possible obstructions before starting the operation.