How Do I Change My WordPress Get Author Username?

How do I change my WordPress get author username? There are many circumstances when you might want to change the name displayed for your author account. Changing it legally will require editing your site’s database. You’ll then need to create a new user account and transfer ownership of your old one, and delete the old one. But thankfully, there’s a relatively simple solution: WordPress Easy Username Updater. It makes it easy to change your author name and display name in a few easy steps.

In the WordPress backend, you can change your author name, as long as the author’s name appears in the right field. This can be done without installing any new plugins or themes. First, log into your WordPress dashboard and choose the Users menu. From here, click the link called Your Profile. Note: In the Your Profile page, click the “Edit” link next to the user’s name. This link displays the author’s profile, which contains information about their post. By default, the user’s username is their nickname, but if you want a more professional look, it is better to put their full name.

WordPress also lets you display the author’s nickname instead of his or her username. To display the username, use the get_the-author_meta() function. This function retrieves the author’s details from the database. You can get author username, display name, first name, email address, and role. The name will be displayed in the posts page. If you’d like to see the author’s nickname, you can hover your mouse over the number of posts and click the link. The link will include the author user ID.