How to Use VLOOKUP With Multiple Columns in One Row

Excel offers a function called VLOOKUP which is used to retrieve the value in a column in a table. The function requires a column index and requires the lookup value as an argument. You can use wildcard characters in the lookup value. The default value for this function is TRUE. This function can be used to find multiple columns in a table. For example, if the value in column F is equal to a value in column D, it will return “2”.

To use VLOOKUP with multiple columns in one row, first select the column name. Then, type the desired search term in the cell. You should now have the desired results in a row. You can also use the ARRAYFORMULA function to find related VLOOKUP results. This function is especially useful when you have a multiple value search query, such as “name” and “email list subscriber”.

In this case, we have a data set with movie ticket prices for two different shows at different times. In cell D11, we get the price for the first movie in B11. However, this data set has two records for the same movie: B11 and C11. If we want to return the price of the second show at 20:00, we must modify the VLOOKUP formula accordingly. To achieve this, we must use the helper column.

This function compares two columns with the same name in two different tables and returns the matching values in List 1. You can use either table or the array to perform this comparison. If you wish to check for blanks, use the FILTER function. You will receive the results of the lookup function in the cell where the value is located. For example, if the value in column A matches the value in column B, the VLOOKUP function will return the value in column B.