Rare Chicken Scales  – The Miracle Of The Rooster’s Body

rare chicken scales  The cock’s body is not only a unique highlight but also a decisive factor for success in the game. With special beauty and strength, this type of scale always attracts the attention and hunt of many people. Let’s learn the wonders of chicken scales with 789bets.biz!

In Why are chickens with precious scales popular and sold at extremely high prices?

Precious scaled chickens are highly sought after for the following reasons. First of all, they are actually fowl, which are said to have an almost overwhelming win rate compared to other fighting cocks. This makes them a preferred target for fowlers, as well as those who wish to own them for the purpose of breeding or participating in cockfights.

These Precious chicken scales are popular

In addition, cocks have rare chicken scales  also known for his unique moves and fox attacks. In the scriptures, it is recorded that these chickens often have many strange attacks. This makes the matches they participate in extremely dramatic and unpredictable results.

In addition, precious chicken scales also have extremely high collectible value. For many chicken owners, owning a precious scaled chicken is simply a hobby. Their joy comes not only from their victories in matches but also from owning unique and rare cocks in the cockfighting world.

Revealing the most rare and unique chicken scales

In the world of cockfighting, uniqueness and preciousness often appear in the subtle details on the cock’s body. Special, rare chicken scales  It is a mysterious treasure that not every cock can possess. Discover these special chicken scales with the house 789BET:

Scales Judgment – Durability and precision icons

With its perfect appearance, the scales are the large scales that lie close to the pillow of the fighting cock. This is not only a unique beauty, but also shows endurance and accuracy in combat. Chickens with natural scales often have the ability to dodge attacks quickly and strike powerfully. They are often considered to be superior cocks, helping cockers gain an advantage in tough fights.

Celestial Scales – The rarest chicken scales

Scales Consultation – The key to solid defense

Scales are rare chicken scales The large part is located on the high part of the chicken’s legs, however, the position of appearance is the determining factor in the chicken’s talent. Chickens with 3 scales lying close to the knee often have a high chance of winning. Meanwhile, chickens with 4 or more scales are not considered worthy fighting chickens.

Scales Three talents – Exquisite punching art

The three-talented scales are a symbol of the delicate and erudite fighting art. Chickens have 3 large scales located right in front and close together from the knee down. rare chicken scales  This helps the chicken to launch a powerful and technical kick. The match with the three-talented cock is often dramatic and unpredictable.

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Scales Five demons – Aggression is hard to dodge

Five devil scales are special scales with rows of scales extending continuously from the knee to the 5th scale. Dubbed “terrible opponent”, chicken with five devil scales possesses poisonous kicks and is difficult to dodge. The battle with the cock has rare chicken scales  Five demons is always full of hardships and challenges, making players have to use all their fighting ability to win.

ScalesHuyen Tram – Dangerous mysterious weapon

With a small piece of scales between the domestic and foreign goods, the brooch is a symbol of mystery and danger. Chicken with brocade scales possesses the ability to launch unique kicks, making opponents unable to dodge. The brooch is often considered a “chicken god”, bringing sophistication and grace in matches.

donating millet has rare and precious chicken scales

Scalesland government – Solid defense weapon

Inner earth covered scales rare chicken scales , also known as the chicken scale, has a shape similar to the scales of the heavens. But their position is different, usually close under the spur, close to the 4 toes of the fighting cock. Chickens with ground-covered scales represent a solid defense, helping to protect the chicken from enemy attacks.

ScalesMicroblade armor- Assassins can’t be avoided

Microbladed thyroid scales belong to the top rare chicken scales , To beA delicate combination of 5 scales located in the inner row pointing directly at the spur, forming the shape of a knife pointing at the spur. Chickens with micro-armored scales have a quick and poisonous way of striking, the opponent can hardly dodge. Roosters appreciate the danger and effectiveness of their scales, they are often unavoidable killers in arduous matches.

Chicken scales are not only a symbol of fighting talent, but alsopride and class in the cockfighting world. Enjoy and discover the beauty and power of rare chicken scales  SatisfiedLet’s create great matches!